About Me

I’m Caitlin McCabe.  I’ve owned a research / marketing company for 5 years.  I used to want to blog about it all the time because having a business is super hard and lonely.  Then I met other people who owned businesses and I stopped blogging about marketing because everyone was blogging about marketing.  Besides, I had new business owner friends that I could talk business with.unnamed-5

Then I had a baby girl last summer.  Now that’s the thing that’s super hard and sometimes lonely so now I want to blog about that.  Plus marketing.  Plus maybe some other things too.

I write for other blogs and sites – like here (food bloggers) and here (exceptional men) and am featured on cool social media sites  (like Social Media Today) .    On my blog you’ll also find another hobby of mine, critiquing great (and horrible) ad campaigns.

My favorite things are:

Tacos, Sour Patch Kids, David Bowie, A great live music show, coffee shops that have comfy couches, Santa Fe, vintage dishes, and Japanese illustration.  Oh…. and zombie movies.

You can contact me at caitlin@realbulletsbranding.com and we can talk about any of these things.