Which Ads Were The Best, And Worst At The Superbowl

My heart always gets a little warmer when I turn away from the gathering I’m at (who is there to watch football of course) and log on Twitter and visit with my people about the REALLY important stuff. People who say things like:
“I’m here for the ads”
“Are you ready for some… Commercials!?”

So I was pretty excited this year to take a look at the ads and despite the fact that they seemed to have been posted everywhere, I held out to watch them live with the game. In total, Bluefin Labs estimated the total social media comments to be at 9 million, which broke last year’s record.

BEST: For me, M&M’s took the cake with the entertainment factor.

Runners Up:  Chevy Apocalypse, Sketchers (for those of us who prefer dogs in our ads), and of course Chrysler (for those of us who prefer Clint Eastwood in our ads).

Worst: That Audi commercial. For those of you that forgot about it (understandable, it was at the very beginning and was less than memorable) it contained vampires. I’ll stop there. To me, this commercial was the equivalent of wearing MC Hammer pants about 6 months after the trend was over.

Runners up: GoDaddy, nothing new here. Scantily clad girl with promises of ‘see more if you come to our site’

Best Social Media Move Ad:
When the Best Buy commercial came on and featured entrepreneurs all over the country everyone in the room said ‘who is that?’, ‘what’s a Shazaam?’ but online the Twitters were positively buzzing with praise for this nod to the tech industry. Did they get a ton of social media mentions because of it? Yes. Was it worth it to alienate probably 85% of people watching who had no clue who the commercial highlighted? Remains to be seen.

Most interesting Branding Move: Century 21 This is where the ads got a bit more interesting. Century 21 had a commercial that focused heavily on its realtors which I thought was a really

great branding move. I’ve written about the real estate industry before and always thought that it would be useful if the parent company (Keller Williams, Century 21, etc.)  would push the realtors to the forefront of their business instead of promoting a giant logo.  If Century 21 really goes all the way withthat idea, it could be huge for them both as a brand as well as for recruiting new agents.


Runner up: Chevy – they had a huge range of demographics covered by their ads and while they weren’t necessarily at the tip top of my list, I think as a brand they satisfied more people with their ads this year than most others.

What do you think?  Which brand did the best job this year?

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  1. Elisa says:

    They don’t show Superbowl ads on the satellite feed in Indonesia, which is complete junk if you ask me. But glancing at them the next day, couldn’t agree more. That M&M one cracked me up! Thanks for even more of a run-down. :)

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