Social Media Strategy: Basics On How To Set Up An Internal Online Strategy Meeting.

Last night I was reading an article in AdAge about advertising agency Wieden and Kennedy and something one of the founders said about marketing creatively really struck a chord with me.  Dan Wieden said:

“It was like doing crossword puzzles for a living”

And he’s so right that I underlined it, read it again, and then ran in to tell the New Jerseyite about it.

Strategy is a LOT like doing crossword puzzles for a living, and even the basics have elements of a puzzle because you have to know a lot about some things and something about everything.  I have sat in on several strategy meetings for brands of all sizes and the biggest thing that I am noticing is that they are not prepared to have the meeting.  Yes, brainstorming is important, cool ideas are great, and sure you should invite the interns for their opinion on Facebook but there are other components to a strategy meeting that can help to set you up for success.  Here are a few basics to gather before you talk strategy:

Your Own Industry.

This is the easy part.  Every time I meet with a client they usually know all about their own industry, competitors, their traffic, their conversion rates, etc.  This is great because you’ll need these. You should have before the meeting:

A basic knowledge of your website traffic over the last year.  An idea of the people that are sending you traffic (this is in Google Analytics, if you don’t have analytics that tells you who is sending you traffic you should get that immediately).  Pull out the top 10 and have a brief description of their sites or the article that’s sending traffic at the meeting.  A good outside opinion on what your visitors are experiencing when they come to your site (what’s confusing, is it inviting, are they getting enough information from your company).  Ask someone who doesn’t work with you to spend a few minutes looking at your site, Twitter, etc.

Your Competitors:

You probably know who your top competitors in the area are and it’s important that you have a good look at their sites as well as their social channels (Twitter, Facebook, blog, do NOT forget to check if they are using smartphone apps!).  You should also think big.  Look at the brands at the very tippy top of the country or the world and have a good list of notes on their sites as well.  You might be surprised at what your development or web team can do to get some of those pieces on your site.  Ex.  if you are a local coffee shop it definitely makes sense to look at Starbucks’ success - it’s great for getting your team excited and thinking big.

A little about everything:

This is somewhat harder because the direct tie to your own industry is not as obvious and after working day in and day out in your own workplace, it might even feel surprising that there are industries outside your own. Yet your audience certainly is aware of other businesses and activities outside your industry.  When developing online strategy it’s important to know that the share-of-wallet brands are only a click away.

This can actually be a fun part of the meeting because it’s also the time to talk about things you read about that were really cool.  For example, how can we incorporate Groupon?  Or, if you saw all the press about Quora lately, maybe you want to see if there’s some way to use that.  Have everyone on the team come to the meeting with the coolest online item they’ve seen in your industry and in general.  It doesn’t have to be over the top, it can simply be “hey, I like the new video tab that so and so has on their Facebook page”.

Next, before the meeting write a list about your audience.  What other sites might they be visiting and what are their Twitter feeds, blogs, and other communication like?  Notice the comments on their sites, blogs, etc.  Are they all complaining about one thing?  Asking a certain question over and over?   Write down things that pop out at you as either really neat or really an obstacle to having a good experience there.

Now, armed with all of this good stuff you’re ready to have a conversation about what you should be offering online.  Aim to “keep up with the Jones’s” by having the basics that your industry has online and then surpass them by taking a look at what the brands with millions of dollars are doing.

Have a great meeting!

2 Responses to “Social Media Strategy: Basics On How To Set Up An Internal Online Strategy Meeting.”

  1. Royce says:

    Hey C-Mac, that was a really interesting read about a topic which I never think about. If I had a brand I was trying to market for, I would do one of these meetings right now. Heck, this article made me wish I did have something to market for, just SO I could have this meeting.

    By the way the “Doing crossword puzzles for a living” analogy was amazing.

  2. caitlin says:

    You should have one then! I know you’re in real estate and you can certainly come up with a strategy for your company. Actually, could make you look really good to management if you spearhead the project!

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