People Can Meet Each Other Better With Ice Breaker Name Tags.

I love this!  I love it because I am irked by networking events where everyone starts off with ‘what do you do?’, which is an insanely hard question to answer (Penelope just wrote a good post about it).  In fact, I was just laughing with a friend of mine over her impression of herself explaining what she does to her parents.  There are even 2 artists that created a whole series composed of videos of artists explaining to their parents what they do for a living. So it’s maybe safe to say that it’s a hard question to answer and yet everyone is asking it.

So Icebreakertags is a site that allows you create your own more original nametag that can get people talking about stuff that’s a little more interesting.

If you don’t run a group you could just write this in on the blank nametag that they give you at events.  Here are some of my favorites:

If I could induct one new word into the dictionary it would be:

What is your best practice?

I can teach you:

4 Responses to “People Can Meet Each Other Better With Ice Breaker Name Tags.”

  1. Todd Liss says:

    This brings me back to OMS 10 when we were their “weird” ones who wrote our Twitter handles on our name tags. It is about time for a name tag revolution of sorts.

  2. caitlin says:

    Todd – I almost forgot about that! We were ‘way ahead of the trend’ putting those Twitter addresses on the nametags….
    I think big things may be in store for the trusty name tag!

  3. Mehul Kar says:

    I’ve been thinking of organizing an event (either online or offline), where you are allowed to talk about anything except what you do and what you’re looking for. Icebreakertags might be a good way to do that :)

  4. caitlin says:

    Mehul – Love that idea! If you decide to do it – take some pictures and I’ll cover it here!

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